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Dear Classic 1027 listeners,

Starting today Classic 1027 has introduced some exciting changes to its daily lineup. We do understand change is disruptive and unsettling and while some may find the changes unnerving, we hope that you’ll soon grow to like the new offering. We always appreciate your feedback, good or bad.

The previous programming has served its purpose and the time has come to freshen the airwaves, and market research has shown that it’s time for change. We’re responding to your requests. The recent plight of Gauteng Opera once again highlights that there is a need to look to commercial support for the classical music scene in South Africa. This can only be done by strengthening Classic 1027 in the marketplace.

The changes include:

  • The introduction of Classic Business Breakfast with Moneyweb between 7am and 8am each workday is a new offering in the market, hosted by Arabile Gumede and Nastassia Arendse. In fact it is the first and only dedicated business breakfast show in South Africa.  Setting the agenda for the day ahead with interviews with CEOs, captains of industry and thought leaders, it offers a drill -down and early discussion into the pressing business talking points of the day.  


  • Peter Terry and Deano Maduramuthu have switched shows with Peter now hosting the Breakfast show with Deano taking the helm for the Drive home.


  • Future changes will see the introduction of new voices to Classic 1027 in the overnight slots and a review of the weekend lineup.


  • A review of the music played on Classic 1027 to capture a larger audience.


  • The news team now offers extended bulletins which will be compiled and read by a team of dedicated and experienced news journalists.


All of this is done to serve our listeners needs more fully.


We appreciate your input and have noted your comments.


Many Thanks and Kind Regards
Classic 1027 Management Team

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